Your personal style consultation begins with a conversation to find out your concerns, and select the services that work best for you. Gwen  understands how style has changed, that the old rules that once dictated fashion have vanished and will make creating your personal style signature an organized, fun and effortless process. She makes managing your closet really simple, coordinating and organizing your clothes so your personal style always supports  you looking your best.

Whether you want a style signature to support your business and leadership goals, totally transform your style, coordinate what you own with a few new additions or purchase an outfit for a special occasion, Gwen  will help you put it together.

After a session a client said: “Gwen pointed out that I seemed to buy clothes that I liked rather than clothes that looked good on me. This simple yet profound revelation was absolutely true, I am still stunned that I never figured it out on my own. This was the beginning of my journey of buying clothes that flatter me and letting  go of clothes that don’t”.

In-Home Personal Style & Closet Review
In the privacy of your own home, we review what’s in your closet, editing your current wardrobe and accessories, removing the pieces that no longer work for you while keeping as many pieces as possible. A variety of new combinations will be coordinated and a list of “Must Haves” will be provided to extend the possibilities of your wardrobe.

Personal Shopping Excursion
For an accompanied shopping trip Gwen will assemble a pre- selection of clothes and or accessories to begin your session, and often introduce you to a variety of resources, to expand the ways you can enjoy expressing your personal style.

Style Appointment via SKYPE or Internet
We  provide a variety of services via Skype™ or the internet. From a personal style review to helping you accessorize an outfit for a special event, both services offer the flexibility for us to work together wherever you are in the world.

Style Seminars, Programs, Talks, and Events
Our services offer fashion events and informative programs with presentations for your organization, institution, charity fundraiser, or women’s group. Tell us your ideas and we can work with you to create a memorable program. Some of our past programs included: Understanding Personal Branding, Dressing For Business Casual,  Great Style For Every Age And Size, and  Making The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe.